The international conference „Buddhism and Nordland " and Vello Väärtnõu is a author of the project .The conference „Buddhism and Nordland " is a cooperation project topic of Nordic countries , where scientists, orientalists and Buddhists come together under the same topic.

The first conference „Buddhism and Nordland" was organised by Estonian Nyingma on the 21. February 2007 in Tallinn University .

The conference emphasized the necessity to study and realise the history of Buddhism in Estonia and in the Nordic Countries together with its remarkable persons.The presentations were about the life and activity of Karl Tõnisson , the influence of Buddhism in Finland , the history of Buddhism in Kalmykia, Russian Buddhism in 1980s-1990s, the Tibetan 14th century teacher Buston and Buddhism in a broader sense of schools – Buddhism in Japan, China , Ceylon so on

Estonian Nyingma also organised the exhibition „The Buddhist Temple of St. Petersburg " at Tallinn University 22.02 – 10.03.2007 , to emphasize the importance of Estonian first buddhist Karl Tõnisson, who was the head of St Petersburg' Buddhist Temple .

For the second time the main topic of the conference „Buddhism and Nordland 2008 “ was „ The Historical Connections of Buddhism in Estonia and in the Nordic Countries" and the subtopic Roman Ungern von Sternberg and the influence of western Buddhism in Estonian culture and history .

The Fourth International Conference "Buddhism and Nordland 2010" will take place from 23-25. september, 2010 in Tallinn University .

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