Article Opening- The True Furqan

The True Furqan, al-Furqan al-Haqq is a book allegedly written by two Christian Arabs calling themselves Al Saffee and Al Mahdee. The work was translated by Anis Shorrosh who calls it "a tool to liberate Muslims".[1] It consists of about 77 chapters. The book seems to be an amalgam of different versions of Bible and the Holy Quran. Some of the Arabic text has been allegedly copied from the Holy Quran, but see "Criticism" below.

Criticism of Article Opening

A few parts of the Quran are copied in the True Furqan for the purpose of presenting an alternative view. However, plagiarism is not present, since the verse is disclosed as such. For example, in The True Furqan, Sura 7, "Oneness," verse 10 states, "You recite, 'Wisdom can now be distinguished from foolishness. Consequently, there must not be any compulsion in religion.'" Here, this quote is clearly shown, and disclosed as coming originally from the Quran. Therefore, plagiarism would not apply, since this term means, "to copy someone else's work without giving proper credit to the author or publisher."

General Observations

The True Furqan is a book that claims to be divinely inspired by God, or Allah(1:1, 3:6, et al, and see Internal Quotations, below). The True Furqan asserts that Jesus is the light of the world, and the only hope for salvation and forgiveness.

The work condemns violence, bloodshed, hypocrisy, terrorism, jealousy, female-abuse, vanity, adultery, beheadings, hate, theft, as well as other human vices. Altruistic virtues such as love, patience, faithfulness, kindness, mercy, gentleness, integrity, compassion, goodness, honesty, and forgiveness are extolled as characteristics from God, that should be practiced by humans. Sura 2 "Love" states that love is a high attribute, and that this should be the striving of every human. Sura 9, "Crucifixion" says that Jesus the Messiah was crucified, ascended to heaven, and will return in the future. Sura 24, "Women" declares that females should not be treated unfairly, nor beaten. In addition, divorcing one's wife except for justifiable cause (adultery), is against God's teaching. Moreover, taking additional wives beyond the first is condemned as sinful. Sura 25, "Marriage" condemns adultery and declares that marriage is an institution set up by God. Sura 26 predicates that divorce is sinful unless the other partner committed adultery. Sura 33 says that lying is of Satan for the purpose of misleading humans from the truth, and that whoever follows lies will be punished at the Day of Judgment. Sura 38 warns about false prophets and says they will be known by their fruits, i.e. good deeds or bad deeds and characteristics. Sura 49 proclaims that the Injil or Gospel, i.e. first four books of Christian New Testament are revealed from God to divinely lead people.

Internal Quotations

Sura (Chapter) 1, verse 1, "The Opening" states, "Behold, this is the authentic True Furqan which We inspire, declare it to whomever has gove astray from among our people and do not fear anyone who may retaliate against this proclamation." (True Furqan, page 9). Sura 2, verse 6, "Love." Love treats everyone kindly. It does not get upset quickly or seek its personal desires frequently. Love is contented and does not contemplate vengeful thoughts concerning others." (True Furqan page 13). Sura 6, "Truth," verse 6- "Out of the heart of the righteous emerge goodness, love, purity, peace, truth, and faith." (True Furqan page 28). Sura 36 "Fasting" states, (1) "Whosoever performs a worthwhile deed should not allow even his left hand to know what his right hand has done. (2) For We have knowledge of whatever you do secretly and will recompense you openly in the sight of the whole world. (3) O, you who are hypocrites, yet still count yourselves among Our worshipers: your fasting is not acceptable to Us and will not be rewarded." (True Furqan p. 175). Sura 42:1 "Prayer" insists, "A charitable deed without prayer is superior to any evil deed with prayer. Therefore discard gossip and hypocrisy for We can do without the prayers of hypocrites." (True Furqan page 203). Sura 47:3, "The Testimony," says this, "Truth became incarnate in flesh, Jesus of Nazareth, but you never could comprehend the incarnation one iota! Neither did you understand the meaning of Fatherhood or Sonship. Even redemption was an unfathomable truth for your clouded understanding. Thus, spiritual matters somehow escaped your comprehension." (True Furqan page 221-2). Sura 63:8 "The Beatitudes, "Do not get caught up in the pursuit of worldly prosperity, the piling of sustenance or the accumulation of things you covet." (True Furqan page 296). Sura 55:4, "Furthermore, you overthrow properties and dwellings where Our name is mentioned reverently. You also destroy sacred sanctuaries belonging to Our believing worshipers who gave you refuge, welcomed and even educated you when you were destitute. Why have you defrauded and oppressed them? Is not the true reward of benevolence goodwill?" (True Furqan page 260).

Positive Reviews

"No literary document has surfaced in 1400 years to challenge the Quran in style or substance like The True Furqan." Baptist Press.[3] "...a better Quran, written in beautiful and grammatically clear Arabic and forceful English..." Dr. Michael Brown, Professor of Semitic Languages. American Thinker asserts, "Written in a style and format familiar to devotees of the Quran, the True Furqan presents Christian theology in a way that it can be understood and digested by Muslims."

Criticism by Muslims

It has been described as "a great bit of Christian propaganda" which in its second verse "starts talking about the Holy Trinity - a thoroughly un-Islamic concept."[2] Some Muslims believe the book was produced by the American Government to subvert Islam.[4] American Thinker[5] says that some Muslims are offended by the book. Other Islamic believers feel The True Furqan was created by the American or Israeli governments, or even by Satan. However, the US government vigorously denies any claim of involvement in the writing or distribution of The True Furqan.

Answer to Criticism

Washington, D.C. strongly rejects allegations of any participation in the creation of The True Furqan.[6] Most residents of Israel are Jewish, so it is unlikely that the Israeli government would fabricate a book that promotes Jesus and Christianity. In addition, according to the CIA Factbook, 17% of the residents of Israel are members of the Islamic faith, i.e., Muslim, and therefore one can assume that these individuals would not likely help support a Christian work, such as The True Furqan.[7] Wikipedia "Demographics of Israel" also states similar population statistics, namely that 20% of the population of Israel are Arabs, most of whom are Muslim, and thus one can draw the same conclusion, that the Jewish and Muslim populations of Israel would not by any means support the writing of the True Furqan.[8] No proof has been offered, other than emotional allegations, that the U.S. or Israeli governments have had any complicity or connivance in the formation of The True Furqan. The True Furqan itself claims to be divinely inspired by God. (See information below).

Internal Textual Claims for Divine Inspiration of True Furqan

Suras (chapters) 1:1, 3:6, 4:1, 4:7, 4:8, 5:5, 6:1, 6:9, 7:14, 8:6, 8:27, 9:1, 11:1-5, 11:9-16, 11:18-20, 14:6, 15:2, 16:1, 16:7, 17:6, 18:5, 19:7, 21:3 54:6, et al.

Internal Textual Claims for True Furqan as Divine Guidance From God

Suras 6:1, 7:14, 8:6, 8:11, 8:12, 11:4, 11:9-16, 11:18-20, 11:25-26, 16:3-4, 16:7, 18:5, 19:7, 21:3, 54:6, et al

Internal Textual Claims for Supernatural Revelation of Christian New Testament, Injil

Suras 55:1 et al

Internal Textual Claims Concerning Jesus

Suras 3:5, 3:7, 4:8, 9:4, 9:6, 9:10, 9:11, 9:12, 9:30, et al

Internal Textual Claims for Forgiveness and Salvation Through Jesus the Messiah

Suras 3:8, 9:11-14, et al

Internal Textual Clarification of Crucifixion Of Jesus in First Century

Suras 9:8-10, et al

Internal Textual Expression of Christian Belief in One God

Suras 12:20, 12:30, et al

Against Violence Toward "Infidels"

Suras 12:22-23, 13:2, 19:3, 23:7, 23:10, 55:4, 55:6 et al

Against General Unjustified Violence

Suras 5:6, 10:6, 20:2-3, 20:6, 21:5, 23:8, 55:5, 54:10 et al

Against Rejecting God's Supernatural Revelation of Truth

Suras 23:12-14

Love is Command from God to Others

Suras 20:1, 20:12, 20:16, 55:6 et al

Allah (God) Commands Kind Deeds Toward Others

Suras 23:3-5, 24:16, 54:10 et al

God Commands Believers to be Pure

Suras 21:9, 51:2, 54:8 et al

The Fruits of True Religion

Suras 54:5 et al

Internal Textual Claims that a True Prophet Must Demonstrate Supernatural Signs and Wonders to Validate His Ministry

Suras 8:13 et al

Warning Against False Prophets

Sura 12:21, 22:1-13, 22:14, 50:20 54:4, 55:2 et al

Internal Textual Claims that a True Prophet Must Demonstrate Supernatural Signs and Wonders to Validate His Ministry

Suras 8:13 et al

Warning Against Sexual Immorality or Adultery

Suras 10:6, 21:9-10, 21:12-13, 24:3, 24:13, 25:4, 25:7, 26:1, 26-3, 27:3, 27:5, 27:12 et al

Warning Against Rejecting God's True Furqan

Suras 23:12-14

Warning Against Receiving False Books not from God

Warning Against Mistreatment of Women

Suras 21:6, 24:1-5, 24:8-16

Warning Against Unjustified Divorce

Suras 25:4, 26:3, et al

Warning of Judgment to Come, and Eternal Punishment

Suras 55:3 et al

Internal Chapters or Suras of the True Furqan

Special Introduction

To the Arab nation specifically and the Muslim world collectively: peace, mercy and blessings from God Almighty! Deep within every human spirit is a longing for authentic faith, inner peace, spiritual freedom and eternal life. We trust the living God that these longings can be clarified in this new document, The True Furqan. The Creator of humanity offers these blessings to everyone in the world without discrimination to one's race, color, nationality, language or religion. The Almighty God cares about every human soul on this planet. Inspired by Al Saffee Interpreted by Almahdy (Found at beginning of True Furqan before table of contents)

Sura A, "The Blessing" (Al Basmalah)

(1) Say, "In the Name of the Father, the Word, the Holy Spirit, the One and only True God." (2) He is Triune in Unity, united in Trinity, indivisible as deity. (3) He is the Father, Who has never given birth like the race of humanity. (4) He is the Word, Who has never been born except through virginity. (5) He is the Spirit, Who has never been separated from the Trinity. (6) He is the Creator, Who has never been created by any entity. (7) Therefore, ceaseless praise is offered to His regal sovereignty. Absolute power and royal majesty is extended unto Him, from eternity to infinity. Amen. (From The True Furqan Sura or Chapter opening, "The Blessing" pp. 7-8)

Sura 1, "The Opening" (Al Fateha)

In the Name of the Father, the Word, the Holy Spirit, the One and only True God (1)Behold, this is the authentic True Furqan which we inspire, declare it to whomever has gone astray from among Our people and do not fear anyone who may retaliate against this proclamation. (2) It is a victorious True Furqan, which shall bring to naught the sword of injustice with the palm of justice, blazing a straight path for those who repent from having gone astray. (3) Moreover, The True Furqan will completely demolish the weak structure of unfaithfulness with the righteous hand of truthfulness, erecting in its place a mighty fortress for all who repent and seek a place of abode. (4) Additionally, this True Furqan will remove from the heart the bitter taste of animosity and through refreshing love provide a new start, thus, purifying from the soul every trace of enmity. (5) Furthermore, this True Furqan will wash away the impurity of adultery with the water of purity, cleansing every sinner from iniquity. (6) Once and for all, this True Furqan will unmask the real face of falsehood with the penetrating sound of Truth, exposing the treachery of all the imposters. (7) Thus, O, people who have gone astray: repent and believe in Us. the gates of Heaven are flung open to welcome everyone who will repent from his sins and turn to Us in sincerity. (From The True Furqan Sura or Chapter 1 "The Opening" pp. 9-11)

Sura 2, "Love" (Surat Al Mahabbah)

In the Name of the Father, the Word, the Holy Spirit, the One and only True God (1) O, you who have enmity within you, yet still claim to be counted among Our worshipers: listen and understand, love is Our top priority. Therefore, if you can speak the languages of the world and the literary articulation with brilliance but do not consider love, your speech is for naught. It would have been preferable that you kept silent. (2) If you were prophets, endowed with wisdom, peering through the supernatural and performing miracles, yet without love, you will still lack integrity; neither is any goodness residing in youi. For in reality you are hypocrites. (3) Even when you distribute your wealth on good deeds and sacrifice your very lives in service to others, yet without love, it would be as if you have neither contributed anything nor made yourself a sacrifice in service to others. (4) Love is patient with Our people, tender toward the impoverished. (5) It does not embrace jealousy, demonstrate pride or practice aggression. (6) Love treats everyone kindly. It does not get upset quickly or seek its personal desires frequently. Love is contented and does not contemplate vengeful thoughts concerning others. (7) Love does not revel over oppression but over freedom and justice. It accepts whatever one's friend says as fact, but turns away from the hypocrites. (From The True Furqan Sura or Chapter 2 "Love" pp. 12-14)

Sura 3, "Light" (Surat Al Noor)

In the Name of the Father, the Word, the Holy Spirit, the One and only True God (1) Behold, the Divine Light has come. Truth is now revealed. It is driving away deceit and brightly shining the rightly-guided pathway to guide all who have been led astray. (2) The hour of judgment is fast approaching. Surely deceit will be retracting. None can ever escape Our Judgment Day because all the hypocrites will be in utter disarray. (3) The rising sun shines brightly acress the entire human passageway. Those who lived in darkness shall see Truth as a shaft of sunlight's ray. Even hardened unbelievers will then understand and believe in what We reveal and say. (4) As for those who obscure the Light by covering their eyes, so that they may not discern the Light of Truth from lies, they only demonstrate their enormous hypocrisy before Him who created the skies. (5) As for those who are plugging their ears with their fingers with such might, they have absolutely condemned themselves out of sight and are undoubtedly lost from the Purity of the Light, Jesus of Nazareth. (6) As for those of Our people who have gone astray, The True Furqan is now disclosed to explain Our Way concerning the difference in True Wisdom, stubble and hay. "No compulsion in religion," We say. Therefore, why don't you trust Us and obey? (7) We have beamed Truth as Light into the heart of the one We have singled out. This man has put this proclamation in writing while we were carefully observing. He recited Truth in your hearing, before your discerning eyes, even echoing it in your hearts. Then he placed it in your hands that its powerful message may cleanse you from paganiam's bondage and usher you into the True Light. Perchance you will wake up from the long abysmal night and recognize the True Light, Jesus the Messiah, Our Word. (From The True Furqan Sura or Chapter 3 "Light" pp. 15-17)

Sura 4, "Peace" (Surat Al Salaam)

In the Name of the Father, the Word, the Holy Spirit, the One and only True God (1) O, you who have gone astray from among Our faithful followers: We have inspired it -a True Furqan- in the Arabic tongue clearly miraculous, to distinguish triviality from truth. it will enlighten you concerning the evil which you are practicing. (2) You have counterfeited Our tongue and fabricated deceitfully that We have revealed a message which was never declared and have transacted what We have never asked. You have brazenly misled the people away so that whosoever trusted you was led astray and whosoever believed you ended up losing his way. Yet despair awaits every vile slanderer. (3) As for those who exchanged Truth for triviality and forced Our followers by the edge of the sword to renounce Truth and believe falsehood, they are the enemies of genuine religion as well as enemies of Our chosen children. (4) You proclaim that We cherish those who kill on Our behalf and have prescribed that believers should kill. (5) The slanderers have spoken falsely for they practice deception frequently. However, every arrogant and stubborn man shall fail enevitably. (6) Honestly now, can killing ever be Our precept? Can we decree upon Our faithful followers to turn themselves into brutal murderers? (7) Whenever it is urged upon the infidels to believe in The True Furqan, which We revealed, just as Our devoted followers have done, they proclaim, "Are we to accept what the inferior infidels have believed?" Are they not the inferior infidels themselves? Yet their condition is concealed from them. (8) O, people everywhere: you were spiritually dead, but We raised you up through the word of The True Gospel, Jesus the Messiah, because you believed in Him. Yet those who would not believe in Him died spiritually. Then We brought salvation to the people another time, through the Light of The True Furqan, Jesus the Messiah, because they believed in Him. yet, those who would not believe in Him would become spiritually dead also. Nevertheless, We shall raise you all up on that great Judgment Day. (9) Following that disclusure, some of you hardened your hearts, hearts which eventually became as hard as rock or more. Yet, even from some rocks a river can burst forth, as We did with Moses of old. Repent, therefore, have compassion on your souls. Doing so you will find mercy and be gathered with the righteous at the end. (10) "To surrender to Our will completely" and "to obey Our commandments freely" is genuinie faith. For Our ultimate will is mercy and peace. Our supreme commandments are unconditional love and sacrosanct brotherhood. How then dare you oppose Our will and kill, kill, kill and transgress Our command in order to avenge yourselves! (11) You have indeed misrepresented Us by declaring that We have not sanctioned warfare during the "holy months." But later you annulled what We had forbidden, saying instead, "We sanctioned much fighting." (12) We have neither sanctioned the forbidden, nor have We forbidden the sanctioned. In fact, the entire story was a delusion you yourselves have fabricated on Our behalf. Remember, in the end tale-bearers will never win. (13) We have commanded, "You shall not kill and you shall not shed blood." Instead, you are the unjust killers of your own brothers, who are among Our righteous followers! Without our authorization you are shedding their blood! You have become evil doers denying Our decree in The True Gospel. The punishment for such evildoeres is self-defeat in this world and at the end, they will be rushed to the worst torment. For We are not unaware of their vile deeds. (14) You even incited killing and bypassing peace, announcing, "Do not get wear of fighting and pursue not peace until you are high above your enemies. God is with you and will never defraud your great deeds." (15) Let us be very clear on these matters. We never reward the work of murderers and enemies of peace. Rather, their punishment will be the eternal torments of hellfire. Once they arrive there, they will be cast into the very bottom of that horrible pit. (From The True Furqan Sura or Chapter 4 "Peace" pp. 18-23)

Sura 5, "Faith" (Surat Al Emaan)

In the Name of the Father, the Word, the Holy Spirit, the One and only True God (1) You have corrupted the verses of The True Gospel. You have even concealed Our Word and followed a crooked path. Then you persuaded those who followed you that you were on the right path. (2) Is it conceivable that you would put your trust in Us when you have denied Our Word? Can you be numbered among our true believers when you consistently practice disobedience to Our prescribed commands? We furthermore interrogate you, "Why would you anticipate Our mercy when you never show any mercy to Our vulnerable ones? How can you expect entry into Paradise when you vehemently oppose our precepts and turn your back from the True Faith?" (3) O, you who have gone astray from among Our faithful followers: you have raised up from among you a powerful enemy against the Truth and a strong ally to Satan, the diabolical devil. (4) As a result of such an assault your hearts became hardened, Satan embellished your horrendous works and you became a beguiled and bewitched people. (5) However, those who trust Us, Our Word, Our Spirit, Our Oneness, Our brotherhood of mankind, Our fatherhood, The True Gospel, The True Furqan after the Gospel, and have stood by Our principles, truly are Our righteous worshipers. They will eventually have the privilege of beholding Our face and will enjoy the glorious mansions where they will dwell with us forever. (6) Only then We will harken to the aspiration of the heart, not the gibberish of the tongue. For the chirpings of love are much louder than the clash of swords or the strikings of the necks. Love will finally be triumphant despite the appaling rejection of the wicked. Then faith will become sight. What a day! (7) Those who have been misled in their faith continue to lift up their voices in priaise. Yet their hearts are very far from Us. They have neither trusted Us completely nor are they praising Us heartily-it is only lip-service! (8) They actually exchanged trust for mistrust, thus losing the straight way. Therefore, their eventual lot is a life of utter disarray. (From The True Furqan Sura or Chapter 5 "Faith" pp. 24-26)

Sura 36, "Fasting," (Surat Al Siyam), Right and Wrong Reasons for Fasting

In the Name of the Father, the Word, the Holy Spirit, the One and only True God (1) "Whosoever performs a worthwhile deed should not allow even his left hand to know what his right hand has done. (2) For We have knowledge of whatever you do secretly and will recompense you openly in the sight of the whole world. (3) O, you who are hypocrites, yet still count yourselves among Our worshipers: your fasting is not acceptable to Us and will not be rewarded. (4) Fasting was not designed just to feel the pangs of hunger periodically. (5) As a matter of fact, you consume more food when fasting than when you are on regular diets. You devour food ferociously just like brute creatures. (6) You exhaust your bodies and souls as you eat hungrily, as if you have never eaten before and you will never eat again. (7) Furthermore, you greedily consume the entire year's produce in one month, because you are craving and yearning for nutrition. It is certainly advisable for you not to participate in fasting for there is no recognition for the thirsty and hungry physically. (8) You actually put a frown on your faces and discolor your cheeks so others can observe that you are fasting. Hypocrites, those are the ones who practice this sort of thing. (9) True fasting is the cessation of the heart, the tongue, the hand and the eye from transacting wickedness, vileness and immorality, whether you are famished or full." (From The True Furqan Sura or Chapter 36 "Fasting" pp. 175-177)

Availability of True Furqan

The book is found on the internet in its entirety and can be read there. It is sometimes available in Christian bookstores, but not all booksellers carry the work. It is available for purchase from time to time from Internet sources such as Caveat: Religiously and politically-restricted nations do not allow the work, and possession of the same may invite threats, confiscation, punishment, incarceration, or more serious consequences.

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  1. Anis Shorrosh's home page: [1]
  2. Whitaker, Brian "The Nashville Qu'an Guardian 8 February 2007 [2]

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