The SALT Project [1] is an international Christian missions organization organized as a tax-exempt, 501c(3), non-profit corporation under the laws of the State of Texas. SALT stands for Scripture Application & Leadership Training; and partners with community churches, Bible translators and literacy workers in Papua New Guinea and the Pacific Island's region to offer "Scripture Use" courses that: (1) equip national pastors and leaders to effectively use the translated Scriptures in their ministries; and (2) inspire a love, wonder and understanding of God's Word in the vernacular. The emphasis of SALT is on the application of Biblical truth as participants deepen their relationship with God by reading and studying God's word in their own "heart" language.

There are over 850 different language groups in Papua New Guinea alone; and after Bible translators complete and publish a vernacular Bible, SALT conducts an intensive two-week Bible course on location in the village as a way of encouraging Christians in the language group to glean Biblical truths from the newly translated Scriptures. SALT course [2] participants use the vernacular Scriptures to study fundamental Christian topics such as the nature and character of God, sin, salvation, worldview, and leadership. SALT instructors utilize small group interaction, dramas, and storytelling techniques to teach in the predominantly oral cultures. At the end of the course, an outreach ministry into surrounding villages is conducted in order to give participants an opportunity to share within their own culture.

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