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His name will be Christ (al Masih, Messiah) Jesus 3.45 Yusuf Ali

An equavalent translation is Messiah or the Messiah because al is a definite article. The Arabic is al Masih." See also 3.45, 4.157, 4.171, 4.172, 5.17, 5.72, 5.75, 9.30, and 9.31.

Arabic Meaning

Masih is different from the related mamsuah which means annointed. The different form implies the annointing was either done in great quality or great frequency.

Hebrew Meaning

al Masih is related to the Hebrew Messiah. If the title was applied during His lifetime, surely it would have been translated as Messiah to whoever knew it. Because Jesus lived before the Qur'an, we can infer that the title is primarily Hebrew and that al Masih is rather a translation of Messiah. Thus the real understanding of al Masih lies in the Hebrew.

Historical Meaning

Priestly Meaning

Kingly Meaing

Prophet Meaning

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