The LeeVees is a rock band from New York City featuring Adam Gardner of Guster and Dave Schneider of the Zambonis. The band was formed when the two bands went on tour together. The latter band only writes songs about hockey. Gardner and Schneider thought it would be fun to form another rock band, a Jewish one, that wrote songs only about Hanukkah, because there was a dearth of contemporary songs about that holiday. It first came to prominence near the end of 2005 with its debut album, Hanukkah Rocks. After realizing that its initial approach was rather, it continues as a band with a strong Jewish identity.


  • Adam LeeVee (Adam Gardner)—Vocals, Guitar
  • David LeeVee (Dave Schneider)—Vocals, Guitar
  • Michael LeeVee (Michael Azerrad)— Drums
  • Shawn LeeVee (Shawn Fogel)—Bass
  • Shank Bone Mystic (Daniel Saks)—Keyboards, Banjo


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