Teresita Castillo was a Roman Catholic nun who reported Marian apparitions in Lipa City, Philippines for several years since 1949.

The Carmelite Convent in Lipa, the site of the reported apparitions, is now the subject of major pilgrimages in the Philippines, some attended by the president of Philippines.[1]

These reported apparitions have been the subject of controversy. An initial investigation report in 1951 was signed by 6 Roman Catholic bishops and declared the Lipa apparitions as "non-supernatural". However, one bishops later recanted on his deathbed, and a new investigation was reported in 1991. The apparitions in Lipa have yet not received approval from the local bishop, or the Holy See and are still under investigation. [2]


Teresing Castillo was born on July 4 in the Philippines. She came from an educated and religious family that may influenced her interest in religious works. She is the youngest of seven children of former Batangas Governor Modesto Castillo. At the time of the apparitions, Teresita's father was Judge of the Court of Industrial Relations.The Castillos were very influential in Batangas province, Philippines. Teresita Castillo celebrated her 21st birthday on July 4 1948 by "escaping" early in the morning at five from her father's house to enter the Carmelite Monastery of Lipa. Teresita's entrance into the monastery was not well received initially by the family, who tried all means to get her back. Teresita steadfastly refused to return home, preferring to follow God's call.

Apparitions of Mary, Mediatrix of All Grace in Lipa Carmel

The trials of Teresing did not escape the devil's interest. On the 31st of July, at 8:15 p.m., Teresita was startled by knocking at her door. A male voice introduced himself as Satan, emitting a foul odor in her cell. The postulant would be subjected to infernal visits several times the following weeks.

At around 5:00 p.m. of the 12th of September 1948, the Feast of the Holy Name of Mary, postulant Teresing Castillo saw the vine in the garden shake though there was no wind at all. A woman's voice was heard to say: "Fear not my child. Kiss the ground. Whatever I tell you to do, you must do. For fifteen consecutive days, come to visit me here in this spot. Eat some grass, my child." The next day, September 13, Monday, again at five in the afternoon, the postulant returned to the place, knelt down and intended to say the Hail Mary. She head only reached the phrase "full of grace" when again the vine moved. A beautiful Lady appeared, a golden Rosary hanging on her right hand. The Lady's dress was simple and pure white , held in the waist by a narrow cloth belt. Her feet were bare and resting on clouds about two feet above ground. Her face, indescribably beautiful, was radiant.

On September 14, Tuesday, the first shower of rose petals took place. Some nuns found fresh rose-petals of exceptional sweetness, strewn around their rooms or outside their doors. Meantime, Mother Priores decided to consult the Most Reverand Alfredo Obviar, auxiliary bishop of Lipa and spiritual director of Carmel. The bishop instructed her to tell postulant Teresing to ask from the Blessed Virgin some proof that the apparition was from heaven. Days, after the first shower of petals, total blindess afflicted the postulant. Mother Prioress heard a voice telling her that the only way Teresing's blindess would be healed was for her to kiss the eyes of the postulant. So, one day in the presence of Bishop Obviar, Mother Prioress lifted the veil of Teresing and imparted a kiss on her eyes. Instantly, Teresing's eyes recovered her sight. Her blindess was cured. Bishop Obviar doubted no more that the apparitions were heavenly.


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  • Lipa apparitions website [2]


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