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{{See also2}}, like {{See also}}, allows for a small set of see also information to be added to the head of an article or section. However, {{See also2}} differs from {{See also}} in that the parameters to {{See also2}} are not automatically treated as links. This is particularly useful when the desired link text differs from the name of the articles. In cases where the link text and article names are identical, {{See also}} is more convenient.


  • {{See also2|[[Article1|Link text1]]}}
  • {{See also2|[[Article1|Link text1]]|[[Article2|Link text2]]}}
  • {{See also2|[[Article1|Link text1]]|[[Article2|Link text2]]|[[Article3|Link text3]]}}
  • ...
  • {{See also2|[[Article1|Link text1]]|[[Article2|Link text2]]|[[Article3|Link text3]]|...|[[Article15|Link text15]]}}


Code Result
{{see also2}}
{{see also2|[[Article]]}}
{{see also2|[[Article]]|[[Article]]}}
{{see also2|[[Article]]|[[Article]]|[[Article]]}}

And so on up to 15 parameters.

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