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Tel Sheva redirects here. For the UNESCO World Heritage Site see Tel Be'er Sheva
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Tel as-Sabi

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Tel as-Sabi
District South
Government Local council
Hebrew תֵּל שֶׁבַע
Arabic تل السبع
Population 13,000 (2005)
Area 5000 dunams (5.0 km2; 1.9 sq mi)
Founded in 1968
Coordinates 31°14′48.12″N 34°51′21.96″E / 31.2467°N 34.8561°E / 31.2467; 34.8561Coordinates: 31°14′48.12″N 34°51′21.96″E / 31.2467°N 34.8561°E / 31.2467; 34.8561

Tel as-Sabi or Tel Sheva (Arabic: تل السبع‎, Hebrew: תֵּל שֶׁבַע‎) is a Bedouin town (local council) in the Southern District of Israel, bordering Be'er Sheva.

According to the Israel Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS), the population of Tel as-Sabi was 13,000 in December 2005. Tel as-Sabi's jurisdiction is 5,000 dunams (5 km²). As of 2000, the town has been ranked lowest (1 out of 10) in socio-economic standing, with an average income of 3,237 shekels to the national average's of 6,835. Only 43% of grade twelve students are eligible to graduate from high school.

Tel as-Sabi was founded in 1968 as part of a government project to settle Bedouins in permanent settlements and became a local council in 1984.

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