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Tel Aviv District
Israel telaviv dist
Hebrew מחוז תל אביב
Capital Tel Aviv
Largest city Tel Aviv
Cities 10
Local Councils 2
Regional Councils 0
Population 1,221,600 (30.06.2008)
Area 176 km²

The Tel Aviv District is one of six administrative districts of Israel with a population of 1.2 million residents[1]. It is 99.0% Jewish and 1.0% Arab (0.7% Muslim, 0.3% Christian).
The district's capital is Tel Aviv and the metropolitan area created by the Tel Aviv district and its neighboring cities is named Gush Dan.

Administrative sub-regions

Cities Local Councils
Tel Aviv District


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Coordinates: 32°05′N 34°48′E / 32.083°N 34.8°E / 32.083; 34.8

bg:Тел-Авивски окръг

ca:Districte de Tel Aviv cs:Telavivský distrikt da:Tel Aviv-distriktetet:Tel Avivi ringkondeu:Tel Aviv barrutia fa:استان تل‌آویوid:Distrik Tel Avivlt:Tel Avivo apskritis ms:Daerah Tel Avivja:テルアビブ地区 no:Tel Aviv-distriktetpt:Tel Aviv (distrito) ru:Тель-Авивский округ sv:Tel Aviv (distrikt) uk:Тель-Авівський округ yi:תל אביב דיסטריקט zh:特拉维夫区

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