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Tapihritsa (c 7th ~ 8th century) (or Tapahritsa; Wylie: Ta pi hri tsa) is a Bönpo who achieved the Dzogchen mastery of the rainbow body and consequently, as a fully realised Trikaya Buddha, is invoked as a yidam.

The historical Tapihritsa was born in Zhang Zhung of a family of nomads. Tapihritsa's principal teacher was Dawa Gyaltsen.

Tapihritsa was contemporaneous with Ligmincha, King of Zhang Zhung and Trisong Detsen, Emperor of Tibet.

John Myrdhin Reynolds has published "Space, Awareness, and Energy" (2007), which is a study of the origins of Bön Dzogchen in Western Tibet and Central Asia and contains translations of primary texts that showcase Tapihritsa.

Tapihritsa is often visualized as representing the realization of all the masters of the Zhang Zhung Nyen Gyu lineage, one of the three Bön Dzogchen lineages.


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