FANDOM is a bot-moderated usenet group with a focus on the creation-evolution debate. Creators of articles do not necessarily have scientific credentials, nor is their work peer reviewed. It is used by promoters of the theory of evolution to advocate an evolutionary viewpoint.

The Talk.Origins charter [1] says that moderation will be used to block certain cross-posted messages. The justification for this policy was that readers of other newsgroups may not want to read evolution-related messages. The charter says that the moderation will cease after six months, unless there is a public vote to maintain the moderation. Contrary to this provision, the moderation has continued for over ten years with no vote. The moderation continues because the evolutionists in the group want to maintain the ability to block messages, although they say on their own page it is to prevent "excessive cross-posting."[2] They also say "the Talk.Origins Archive exists to provide mainstream scientific responses to the frequently asked questions and frequently rebutted assertions that appear in"

Talk Origins Archive

Many of the more popular contributors and their post have been archived at a separate site. This site contains responses to many of the arguments used by creationists. It is often cited in online debates as an authoritative source.

Criticisms of Talk Origins Archive

Creationists have a number of criticisms of the archive and a number of them can be found at the True.Origin Archive.[3] CreationWiki has a large amount of material asserting that the Archive material is errant. [4]

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