Talbot School of Theology is a non-denomination seminary in La Mirada, CA. "In 1952, during his last year as Biola's president, [Louis] Talbot worked to establish a fully accredited theological seminary. The seminary's first dean was noted Christian scholar Charles Feinberg, who, along with his colleagues, unanimously voted to name the seminary "Talbot Theological Seminary." In 1981, the seminary's name was changed to "Talbot School of Theology" when Biola moved from college to university status. [1]

Today, Talbot is one of the nation's leading evangelical seminaries and continues to grow with the needs of Christian leaders. Talbot has approximately 900 students, 52 full-time faculty members, and offers seven master's degrees and three doctoral degrees. Dennis Dirks, a Talbot alumnus, is Talbot's fifth and current dean, serving since 1992. [2]

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