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Taibah University (Arabic: جامعة طية‎) is located in Medina, Saudi Arabia.


Schools include:

  • College of Medicine
  • College of Dentistry
  • College of Pharmacy
  • College of Applied Medical Sciences
  • College of Engineering[1]
  • College of Computer Science and Engineering (CCSE)
  • College of Sciences of financial and administrative
  • College of Science
  • College of Education
  • College of Arts And Humanities
  • College of Arts and Sciences Medina
  • College of Applied Science
  • College of Community Services
  • Superior Institute of Imams and Orators
  • Community College - Khaybar
  • Men College of Health Sciences
  • Intermediate College of Health Sciences
  • College of Family Sciences
  • College of Arts and Sciences, Yanbu
  • College of Engineering, Yanbu
  • College of Science and Computer Engineering, Yanbu
  • Intermediate College of Health Sciences – (Yanbu Campus)
  • College of Community, Hinakiyah
  • College Of Science And arts at Al-Ola
  • Girls Health Institute – (Al-Olaa Campus)
  • College of Community, Al-Mahd


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