Taego Order
Korea-Seoul-Bongwon Temple-01.jpg
A building of Bongwon temple, the head temple of Taego Order
Korean name
Hangul 태고종
Hanja 太古宗
Revised Romanization Taegojong

Taego Order or Taegojong is the second largest order in Korean Buddhism. Seonamsa is one of the head monasteries of Taego and over 8,400 monks (Bhikkhus and Bhikkhunis) and 3,100 temples belong to this traditional order. What sets Taego apart from some of the other Korean sects like Chogye, among other factors, the order allows ordained clergy to marry however about 40 % of Taego monks are stay in celibacy. Korean Buddhist Taego order has 19 parishes that include overseas parish (Ven. Dr. Jongmae Park is the bishop) and it covers U.S, Canada and Europe. Most Venerable Hae Cho is the supreme patriarch of Taego order and Most Venerable In Gong is the president of Taego order order since Oct-2009. [1][2]


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