TürkischeJugend (Turkish: Türk Gençliği) is a neo-Nazi organization in Turkey, founded in 2004.

According to the founder of the group, their enemies are Kurds, Armenians, Gypsies and Jews who live in Turkey and are opposed to the Islamic religion. They also oppose the Milliyetçi Hareket Partisi. At first, the organization had only 10 members, but as of 2007, they had more than 250 members.

In an interview published in 2006 in the magazine Yeni Aktüel, the founder and the co-founder of the organization said[who?]: "We don't have any political connections. We hate Jews because they are controlling the world in their own evil interests. We are against Fethullah Gülen's partizans because they want to destroy our leader, Mustafa Kemal Atatürk's Republic (Although Atatürk is known not to be in any kind, neither racist nor haaving neo-Nazi ideas.). We hate Kurds and Gypsies because they're polluting Turkey, mostly İstanbul." In 2005, the organization contacted another Turkish neo-Nazi organization, the National Socialist Turkish Movement (NASOTUHA), but this message was ignored by NASOTUHA. The members of the organization mostly live in İstanbul, Ankara, Bursa and Malatya. TürkischeJugend's logo is two white oblique Sig Runes on black: The symbol of the Waffen-SS.

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