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The Synod of Cashel of 1172, was one of the most important events of this period of Irish history.[1] This conference is historically known as the Synod of Cashel and it was here the clergy and people of Ireland were called upon to receive Henry II of England as their king. It is suggested that the Bulls of Adrian IV and Alexander III, known as Laudabiliter, were read in the name of the Sovereign Pontiff. At this Synod the Pope's Legate presided, St. Geiasius, the Primate of Ireland, having refused to attend.[2] In addition to the 'Bull' of Adrian, there is also the letters by Pope Alexander III which were published on the conclusion of the Synod according to Edmund Curtis. Henry was at this time in May 1172 reconciled with the Papacy according to Curtis and had sent envoys to Alexander, asking for a papal privilege for Ireland.[3]


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