Svyato-Duhov Monastery

Svyato-Duhov Monastery ("Holy Spirit Monastery") is a female orthodox monastery in Vitebsk, Belarus.

The monastery has a difficult and tragic history. This orthodox monastery was found in the 1380s by Iuliania Alexandrovna who was a Duchess of Vitebsk and the wife of Olgerd the Grand Duke of Lithuania. Olgerd ordered to costruct The Cathedral of the Holy Spirit in this monastery. About 13921393, after the Olgerd's death, Iuliania took the vows of schema in her monastery.

Fron the middle of XVII c. till 1839 Svyato-Duhov Monastery was a Greek-Catholic klasztor. In 1839 the monastery became the orthodox one again, but on the score of the poverty was abolished soon. After the October Revolution the majority of the building were destroyed.

The was revived in 2001. In our time there is one building here in which the monastic cell and St. Olga Church is found.

ru:Свято-Духов монастырь (Витебск)

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