In Norse mythology, Svalinn is a legendary shield which stands before the sun.

The name Svalinn means "cold" or "chill" and is derived from the verb svala means "cool"; svala sér means "to slake one's thirst" and svala-drykkr is a "icing draught".

It is attested in original Grímnismál:

Svalinn heitir,
hann stendr sólu fyrir,
skjöldr, skínanda goði;
björg ok brim,
ek veit, at brenna skulu,
ef hann fellr í frá.
- Grímnismál 38,
Guðni Jónsson's edition


Svalinn is his name,
he stands a shield before the sun,
the shining deity.
I know that the hills and
the sea would burn,
if it were to fall from its place.
- Grímnismál 38,
William Herbert's translation
In front of the sun
does Svalinn stand,
The shield for the shining god;
Mountains and sea
would be set in flames
If it fell from before the sun.
- Grímnismál 38,
Henry Bellows' translation
Shiver is its name,
he stands before the sun,
a shield for the shining goddess.
Mountain and main
I know must burn,
if he falls off.
- Grímnismál 38,
Ursula Dronke's Translation

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