Sunil Kothari
Background information
Origin India
Genres Indian classical dance
Occupations Classical dance critic

Dr.Sunil Kothari is a noted Indian dance scholar and critic. He is also former Uday Shankar Professor at Ravindra Bharti University, Kolkata.[1]

He is the recipient of Padma Shri award. He also received Sangeet Natak Academi for overall contribution to the Indian classical dance.

Early life and background

He is a chartered accountant.


Sunil Kothari started his career with Times of India. He worked with the group for 40 years as a dance critic.

He travels throughout India which helps him in his writing on Indian dance.[2] He also showed by example from the hugely varied canvas of regional body languages of India in his book chhau.[3]


He has written 12 books on different forms of classical music.

  • Bharata Natyam: Indian Classical Dance Art
  • Odissi: Indian Classical Dance Art
  • Rasa - The Indian Performing Arts in the Last 25 Years
  • Kuchipudi: Indian Classical Dance Art
  • Photo Biography of Rukmini Devi
  • Kathak: Indian Classical Dance Art
  • New Directions In Indian dance
  • Chhau Dances of India
  • DAMARU - essays on traditional dance, music, performing arts, folk dances, rituals, xrafts,



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