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This is about part of the Talmud; for the Jewish festival whose name is the plural of Sukkah, and the buildings constructed for use during it, see Sukkot.

Sukkah (Hebrew: סוכה, hut‎) is a book of the Mishnah and Talmud. It is the sixth volume in the Order (Mishnaic section) of Moed. Sukkah deals primarily with laws relating to the Jewish holiday of Sukkot. It has five chapters.

Included in its scope are the topics of:

  • The Sukkah, or hut, which is lived in during Sukkot
  • Laws concerning each of the four species of vegetation which are waved during prayers over the holiday
  • The Celebration of the Water-Drawing (Hebrew: שמחת בית השואבה, Simhat Beit Ha-Sho'evah‎) which took place at the Temple in Jerusalem on the nights of Sukkot.

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