Steven E. Snow (born 23 November, 1949) has been a general authority of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS Church) since 2001.

Elder Snow was born in St. George, Utah into a Latter-day Saint family. As a young man, he served as a missionary in West Germany.

Prior to his call as a general authority, Snow was a bishop , stake president, and the president of the California San Fernando Mission. In 1999, he became an area seventy for the Utah South Area.

Snow became a general authority and a member of the First Quorum of the Seventy in April 2001. He has been one of the seven Presidents of the Seventy since August 2007. In this capacity, Snow is responsible for overseeing the work of the area seventies in the North America Central Area of the church.

Snow has an accounting degree from Utah State University and a law degree from Brigham Young University. He has been a deputy county attorney for Washington County, Utah and a senior partner in the Snow Nuffer law firm.


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