Stephen Perkins (born Stephen Andrew Perkins, September 13, 1967, Los Angeles, California) is a Jewish American musician and songwriter. A drummer and percussionist, he currently plays with Jane's Addiction.

Following the dissolution of Jane's Addiction, Perkins continued to play with frontman Perry Farrell in the rock band Porno for Pyros. He also has a solo project called Banyan, and in the 1990s was involved in Lil' Pit with Mike Watt. In 1992, he appeared as percussionist on Rage Against the Machine's self-titled first album and in 1995, contributed percussion to the Red Hot Chili Peppers song "One Big Mob" on their album One Hot Minute (Fellow Jane's Addiction member Dave Navarro was the guitarist for the Chili Peppers during the making of that album.) Perkins also played drums on the Nine Inch Nails album The Downward Spiral on the track "I Do Not Want This". In addition to Banyan, Perkins worked with Jane's Addiction guitarist Dave Navarro, former bass player Chris Chaney (bass player on the third Jane's Addiction studio album Strays) and singer/guitarist Steve Isaacs on a project entitled The Panic Channel from 2004 until 2007. Perkins was also involved with members of Suicidal Tendencies in their Infectious Grooves side project, as well as Hellride, a Los Angeles-based Stooges cover band. Jane's Addiction reunited and played at the NME Awards in April 2008, and have since played a few club shows.


Perkins and his wife Cindy Juarez - a Chicago artist - were married in 1999. Juarez appears on Banyan's "Anytime At All" track "Keep The Change", and designed the cover art for the first two Banyan CDs.


Jane's Addiction

  • 1987 Jane's Addiction
  • 1988 Nothing's Shocking
  • 1990 Ritual De Lo Habitual
  • 1991 Live and Rare (Compilation of B-Sides and the Remix of "Been Caught Stealing")
  • 1997 Kettle Whistle (Compilation of live tracks, demos and unreleased material)
  • 2003 Strays
  • 2006 Up From the Catacombs (Greatest hits album)
  • 2009 A Cabinet of Curiosities (Box set)

Infectious Grooves

  • 1991 The Plague That Makes Your Booty Move...It's the Infectious Grooves

Porno for Pyros

  • 1993 Porno for Pyros
  • 1996 Good God's Urge


  • 1997 Banyan
  • 1999 Anytime At All
  • 2004 Live At Perkins' Palace

The Panic Channel

  • 2006 (ONe)


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