The Right Reverend Bishop Stephen (Dzubay) of Pittsburgh (né Alexander Dzubay) was a bishop of the Russian American Metropolia, received from the Unia in 1916. He had served as a Uniat priest in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, prior to his reception into Orthodoxy, and had been a schoolmate of St. Alexis Toth in their native land.

After his reception by the Russian hierarch in America, Fr. Alexander was tonsured as a monk with the name Stephen and then consecrated to the episcopacy in 1917 as an auxiliary bishop to minister to the needs of the Carpatho-Russian ex-Uniates, whose parishes numbered over 160 when he was received (out of roughly 200 total Russian Orthodox parishes in the American Lower 48). After only eight years of service in the episcopacy, however, Bp. Stephen returned back to the Unia and the Carpatho-Russian ethnic diocese of the Metropolia was dissolved.

Preceded by:
Bishop of Pittsburgh and the Carpatho-Russian Diocese

Succeeded by:

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