Blessed Stefan Wincenty Frelichowski
Stefan Wincenty Frelichowski1.jpg
Born January 22, 1913, Chełmża, Poland
Died February 23, 1945, Dachau concentration camp, Germany
Venerated in Roman Catholic Church
Beatified June 7, 1999, Toruń, Poland by Pope John Paul II
Feast February 22
Patronage Polish scouts

Stefan Wincenty Frelichowski (b. January 22, 1913 in Chełmża - February 23, 1945 in Dachau) was a Polish priest, scout and is patron of Polish Scouts.[1][2][3] He joined Scouting on March 21, 1927.[1][2][4] Stefan served as Patrol leader,later as Troop Leader and during his years in the High Seminary of Pelplin Diocese he was an active member of its Scout Club.[4][5]:18-20 Further more he was an active member of the Marian Congregation in Chełmża[5]:19-20 and since he was nine years old Stefan had been an altar boys.[5]:14 During his years in the seminary of Pelpin he was active in the Temperance movement.[5]:23 On March 14, 1937 he was ordained a priest in Pelpin.[1][2][5]:23 In the following years he served as a priest in Pelpin and Toruń.[5]:23-25 While working as a priest he continued his studies on the university of Lwów.[5]:25 In Toruń he was responsible for the parish press.[4][5]:25 In 1938 he became leader of the Old Scouts and chaplain of the scout district Pomerania.[1][2] Arrested by the Gestapo on October 18, 1939 he was imprisoned in the German concentration camps Stutthof, Grenzdorf, Sachsenhausen and Dachau where he died.[1][2][4][5]:26-32 On June 7, 1999 Stefan Wincenty Frelichowski was beatified by Pope John Paul II.[1][2][4]


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