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Stefan Vancza (Hungarian: Báncsa István) (d. July 9, 1270[1]) was the first Hungarian cardinal of the Roman Catholic Church, the bishop of Palestrina, and the archbishop and administrator of Esztergom.[2]

Vancza was made cardinal in December 1251 by Pope Innocent IV, at a time when the church was having problems with the Tatars.[3] Vancza had previously been the Chancellor of Hungary.[4]

Role in conclaves

Vancza participated in the papal elections of December 8 - 12, 1254 (that elected Alexander IV), October 1264 - February 5, 1265 (Clement IV), and November 1268 - September 1, 1271, the longest papal election in history, during which he died on July 9, 1270.[5][1]

Vancza did not attend the papal election of May 26 - August 29, 1261 (Urban IV).[5]


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