Steel Toes
Directed by Mark Adam
David Gow
Produced by Francine Allaire
Written by David Gow
Starring Aaron Grunfeld
Ivan Smith
David Strathairn
Ron Lea
Music by Benoît Groulx
Cinematography Mark Adam
Editing by Mark Adam
Susan Shanks
Distributed by Monterey Media
Film Tonic
Release date(s) 2006 / 2007
Running time 90 min.
Country Canada, United States
Language English
Budget CAD 1,300,000

Steel Toes is a 2006 film directed by David Gow and Mark Adam, and starring Academy Award-nominee David Strathairn. It was filmed in Montréal, Canada, and was produced by Galafilm. The movie was based on writer/director David Gow's play Cherry Docs [1].


David Dunkleman (Strathairn) is a Jewish liberal humanist and a lawyer who works for the court system. He is assigned to defend Mike Downey (Andrew Walker), a member of the Aryan Brotherhood who is accused of a brutal, racially motivated murder. Behind prison walls, the two have a clash of ideologies as Dunkleman attempts to put his professional beliefs before his personal beliefs, and his client clings to his hateful beliefs.


  • Dworkin Prize Winner for the Promotion of Tolerance
  • Best Feature Film, Beverly Hills Film Festival
  • Best New Film, Gottlieb Prize Winner, Jewish Film Festival Detroit
  • Best Screenplay, Method Fest Film Festival, LA
  • Best Actor, Andrew W. Walker, Whistler Film Fest
  • Best Feature (non studio affiliated) Cine Golen Eagle Award, 2007
  • Achievement in Independent Cinema, Houston World Fest
  • Official Selection: USA Film Festival, Ashland Independent Film Festival, World Houston Film Festival, Tiburon International Film Festival, Woodstock Film Festival (incomplete list).

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