St Thomas' Anglican Church, North Sydney is a large Anglican church in Sydney's North Shore. It is located at the corner of Church and McLaren streets, close to the busy North Sydney CBD.


The first church called St Thomas' on the site, then named St Leonards, was designed by Conrad Martens and opened in 1846. Martens personally carved the font, which is still in use.

In the later years of the first minister's time at St Thomas', the Anglican architect Edmund Blacket was recommended to design a larger church; it opened in 1884. The style is English Gothic.

The graveyard holds the remains of many famous colonialists, including Edward Wollstonecraft.[1]

St Thomas' has always stood as a prominent beacon of Christianity in the once quiet but now bustling North Sydney. There have been many ministers serve at St Thomas' over its 157 year history.

Service times

There are four services at St Thomas'. There is a service at 8am (traditional), 10am (family service) and 5pm and 7pm (informal) services. However, since 2009, the "Winter Merge" event occurred where the 5pm and 7pm services merged to form a larger 6pm congregation during the winter months.

Church by the Bridge

Church by the Bridge is a church plant of St Thomas', North Sydney. It is located in Broughton Street, Kirribilli, and offers a contemporary, Bible-based service which meets at 8am ), 9.30am, 5:00pm and 6:30pm each Sunday and 5:30pm each Saturday evening, followed by supper.



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