St Thomas' Anglican Church, Narellan is an Anglican church in the outer south-western Sydney suburb of Narellan. It is located on Richardson Road on the edge of the newly developed suburb of Spring Farm.


The lands for the church and cemetery were marked out by Surveyor Hoddle in 1827 but little was done until the 1830s probably due to the size of the town and lack of community support. On the 10th November 1839 the first Church was officially opened. This building was to serve the Anglican community at Narellan until 1884 and became known as the School Church. Built by the Reverend Thomas Hassall it was used as a schoolroom on weekdays and a church on Sunday.

By the early 1990's, an application was undertaken to renovate St Thomas'. In addition, the idea of a new church building at a new site was raised.[1] This building was completed in the mid 1990s and services were moved there shortly afterwards.


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