St. Ignatius High School (Aurangabad)
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City: Aurangabad, Bihar
Country: India
General Information
Type: Secondary school
Founded: 1994
Principal: Fr. Jisi, Brother = Rajesh kr.
Students: Number of students:- 1567
Colors: Yellow, Brown and white
Address & Contact Information
Address: Gayatri Path, By-Pass Chowk
City: Aurangabad
State/Province: Bihar
Postal code: 824 101
Country: India
Phone: (+91) 06186/224 412

St. Ignatius High School (Aurangabad) is a Jesuit secondary school located in India in Aurangabad, Bihar. It was founded in 1994.

Historically, Bihar has been a major centre of learning, home to the universities of Nalanda (one of the earliest universities of India dating back to the fifth century) and Vikramshila. Unfortunately, that tradition of learning which had its origin from the time of Buddha or perhaps earlier, was lost during the medieval period when it is believed that marauding armies of the invaders destroyed these centres of learning.

Bihar saw a revival of sorts during the later part of the British rule when they established a University at Patna along with a few other centres of high learning.

Modern Bihar has a grossly inadequate educational infrastructure creating a huge mismatch between demand and supply. This problem is further compounded by increases in population. The craving for higher education among the general population of Bihar has led to a massive migration of the student community from the state.

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