St. Aloysius' College (Malta)
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City: Birkirkara
Country: Malta
General Information
Type: Secondary school
Founded: 1907
Named after: St. Aloysius' Gonzaga
Address & Contact Information
Address: 70, Triq il-Ferrovija I-Qadima
City: Birkirkara
Postal code: BKR 10
Country: Malta

St. Aloysius' College (Malta) is a Jesuit secondary school located in Malta in Birkirkara. It was founded in 1907. The College opened as a school for boys on 8 October 1907, at the behest of Pope St. Pius X. The College is part of the worldwide commitment by the Society of Jesus in the education and formation of young people. Jesuit education in Malta dates back to the foundation of the Collegius Melitense, the forerunner of the University of Malta, in 1592. In the nineteenth century there was St. Ignatius' College, established by the English Jesuits, who had to relinquish it in favor of a new college for immigrant Catholic boys in England.

The College is named after St. Aloysius' Gonzaga (1568-1591), a Jesuit of noble origin who died serving the victims of the plague that, afflicted Rome in his time. St. Aloysius is the patron saint of young people. In recent years, he was declared patron saint of AIDS sufferers and AIDS care-workers.

St. Aloysius' College seeds to form students who genuinely live their Christian faith while taking an open-minded approach to contemporary issues. We make a firm commitment to orient young people towards the ultimate truth in their search for meaning and to explore creatively global concerns such as poverty, peace, the environment, migration, cultural diversity and the responsible use of shared resources.

Contact Information

70, Triq il-Ferrovija I-Qadima; Birkirkara BKR 10, Malta.

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