Sri Vaikanasam is one of Hinduism's protocol of Worship of God in temples and home, it was created by Sage Vikhanasar. Traditionally it is known as a Bhagavath Sastra as Sri Vikhanasar is created by Lord Sriman Narayana from His soul. This Agama has more than 15 million verses in Sanskrit detailing the worshipping rituals and procedures including the daily activities and annual Hindu festivities to be done at Hindu Temples.

Almost half of the Temples in South India follow this protocol of Worship of their Hindu gods and goddesses. The other important Agama for Hindus is the 'pancharatra agama' which is laying down the worship protocol of Lord Vishnu at temples.

The famous temples of South India - Tirumala Tirupathi, Tiruvallikeni, Sri Villiputhoor, Thirumal irum cholai, Tirukovilur, Tiruneermalai, Gunaseelam, Tirukkadal Mallai, Tiruvidavendhai, Sri Oppiliappan koil, Tirukannapuram and many other are following the Sri Vaikanasam based Agamic rituals and procedures.

Those that follow this Agama are known to be part of Sri Vaikanasa society. They are having privilege to worship and be the Priests at Temples by their birth and no special sanctity or qualification is required for them to become priests.

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