The Sri Lanka Baptist Sangamaya is the union of Baptist churches in Sri Lanka. Baptist work in Sri Lanka, began with the arrival of James Chater the first missionary from the Baptist Missionary Society on 16thApril 1812. In 2012 Sri Lanka Baptist Sangamaya is celebrating its 200th anniversary.

The first Baptist church in Sri Lanka was built in Grandpass, Colombo. By 2012 it has grown to 23 churches and eight mission points, all affiliated to the Sri Lanka Baptist Sangamaya. Sri Lanka Baptist Sangamaya coordinates the sharing of resources among Sri lankan Baptist churches and is the central point which appoints pastors to all these churches.

Sri Lanka Baptist Sangamaya includes four main departments also identified as auxilliaries, namely : Men's Fellowship, Women's Fellowship, Sunday School and Youth Fellowship that represent the respective groups among the Baptist population. These auxilliaries organize various programmes and activities under the guidance of the Sri Lanka Baptist Sangamaya to promote Christianity and strengthen belief in Jesus.

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