The third Belzer Rebbe, Yissachar Dov Rokeach (I) wearing a kolpik, a related hat

A spodik (or spodek) is a tall fur hat worn by some Hasidic Jews, particularly members of sects originating in Congress Poland. Spodiks should not be confused with shtreimels, which are a similar type of hat also worn by Hasidim. Shtreimels are shorter, wider, and circular shaped, while spodiks on the other hand are long, tall, thin, and cylindrical.

Ger Hasidim are the most famous for wearing spodiks. Gerrer Hasidim have the custom of allowing all married men to wear a spodik. A Spodik generally costs between $800 to $1000 and is made out of fur. Due to an edict by the Grand Rabbi of Ger designed to stop the extravagance of the hats, Gerrer Hasidim are only allowed to purchase fake fur spodiks that must cost less than $600.

Other groups that wear Spodiks include Alexander, Amshinov, Ashlag, Kotzk, Lublin, Modzitz, Ozrov-Henzin, and Radzin.

A similar hat called a "kolpik" (or "kolpak") is worn exclusively by the Rebbe of many Hasidic sects on certain occasions or by the unmarried sons and grandsons of the Rebbes on the Sabbath. These hats are often a lighter shade of brown. Included in these sects are Bobov, Belz, Munkacz and Rizhin.


  1. The Rizhin dynasty no longer exists, yet about five modern dynasties are descended from the Rizhiner Rebbe and follow in his customs.

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