The spirit world, according to some religions, is the place where man's eternal soul lives forever after his life on earth; see afterlife. Christianity generally discourages speculation about conditions in the spirit world, although it acknowledges life after death. The fire and brimstone preachers of the Great Awakening and some 19th century and 20th century preachers emphasized punishments awaiting the wicked and faithless in hell, but aside from Swedenborg few have tried to describe Purgatory, Paradise or other non-hellacious places in the spiritual world.

There are many different levels in spirit world. Opposite God's domain is hell. Should spirit world have a wall? A person lives in the level where he feels most comfortable, thus creating walls. It is very difficult to go up to another level, but very easy to go down. If your spiritual level is a certain height, you can come down any time to other levels. But you can never go up so easily. It takes a long time to go up. God never wants anybody to be below a certain level, but man chooses to be there. - Rev. Sun Myung Moon, In Yun and Encounter [1]


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