South District
Israel south dist
Hebrew מחוז הדרום
Capital Beersheba
Largest city Ashdod
Cities 12
Local Councils 11
Regional Councils 15
Population 1,002,400
Area 12,000 km²

The Southern District (Hebrew: מחוז הדרום‎, Mehoz HaDarom) is one of Israel's six administrative districts, and is the largest in terms of land area as well as the most sparsely populated. It covers most of the Negev desert, as well as the Arabah valley. The population of the Southern District is 1,002,400. It is 86% Jewish and 14% Arab (mostly Muslim). The district capital is Beersheba, whilst the largest city is Ashdod. Beersheba's dormitory towns of Omer, Meitar, and Lehavim are all relatively affluent, whilst the development towns (including Sderot, Netivot, and Ofakim) and the seven Bedouin cities are lower on the socio-economic scale.[1]

Cities, local councils, and regional councils

Cities Local Councils Regional Councils


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Coordinates: 30°40′N 34°50′E / 30.667°N 34.833°E / 30.667; 34.833

bg:Южен окръг (Израел) ca:Districte del Sud (Israel) cs:Jižní distrikt (Izrael) da:Syddistriktetet:Lõunaringkond (Iisrael)eo:Suda Distrikto (Israelo) eu:Hegoaldeko barrutia (Israel) fa:استان جنوب (اسرائیل)id:Distrik Selatan, Israelka:სამხრეთი რაიონი (ისრაელი) lt:Pietų apskritis (Izraelis) ms:Daerah Selatan, Israelja:南部地区 (イスラエル) no:Sørdistriktetpt:Distrito Sul (Israel) ru:Южный округ Израиля fi:Eteläinen hallintoalue (Israel) sv:Södra distriktet uk:Південний округ (Ізраїль) yi:דרום דיסטריקט (ישראל) zh:南部区 (以色列)

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