Sour Truth Day: March 1, 2007,the official birth of Lemonism. Lemonism a religion/philosophy that beleives that all the problems plaguing the world today are caused by the manipulation and deliberate exploitation of Mankind’s carnal (animal) consciousness and the “Human consciousness” by the powerful “System”. If you know and find out all the different tactics the System uses to infiltrate and influence, the lives and actions of mankind to suit their own egotistical needs, then you’ll be able to use your new found knowledge to further your achievements in any area in your life. If enough people apply Lemonism in their lives, then one day in theory, the System will eventually disintegrate, and then Humanity will enter into a new era of enlightenment (We have a looong way to go). Founded by “LemonShaPriestess” karima N.H., founder of “Lemonism” Citron #0

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