Soulfarm (previously known as Inasense) is a New York City based Jam band. Their music is a mix of Jewish, Rock and Roll, bluegrass, and celtic influences among others.

Their members are:

  • C. Lanzbom - Lead Guitar and vocals
  • Noah Solomon Chase - Lead Vocals, Guitar, Mandolin
  • Yoshie Fruchter - Bass
  • Andrew Frawley - Drums

Soulfarm is a fixture on the New York City club circuit. The band has also traveled extensively throughout the world.


  • Live at Wetlands - A Live CD recorded on March 20, 2000 at the now defunct Wetlands
  • Scream of the Crop (May 2001)
  • Unwind (August 2003)
  • Live at Club Tzorah
  • Monkey Dance {December 2008}

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