Soga Ryojin (1875-1971) was a Jodo Shinshu Buddhist, a friend to D.T. Suzuki and also Kaneko Daiei, whom taught for several years at Otani University (Kyoto) and went on to serve as President there. Ryojin was excommunicated from the Shinshu tradition for controversial viewpoints of the tradition. Kaneko, too, was excommunicated for a period of time. Ryojin was reinstated later and the excommunication was lifted.

Soga's body of essays add an integral aspect to modern day thought within the Shinshu tradition, bringing with it a touch of Zen. Soga Ryojin was a student of Kiyozawa Manshi

General Reference

Andreasen, Esben (1998). Popular Buddhism In Japan: Shin Buddhist Religion & Culture. University of Hawaii Press. p. 50. ISBN 0-8248-2028-2. 


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