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The Skete of the Prophet Elias on Mount Athos is a cenobitic dependency of the Athonite Pantokrator Monastery. The skete was founded in 1759 by the Russian monk Paisio Velitchkofsky. Currently, it is inhabited by twelve Greek monks.

The katholikon, the main temple of the skete, was built in 1903 and is dedicated to the Prophet Elijah, St. Alexandra, and the Apostle Andrew. There are also three chapels in the skete, dedicated to Ss Metropahnes and Theopatores, the St. Nicholas, and the Annunciation.

The skete possesses a library and a number of valuable liturgical objects. These include the miraculous icons of the the Weeping Mother of God (Dakrirooussa) and the Lactating Mother of God (Galaktotrofoussa). Among the holy treasures are crosses and a holy bread box.

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