Simon Hinton (born March 28th 1964) is an occultist, published writer and entrepreneur who has written extensively on Western magick[1], most notably on the works of Aleister Crowley and the ‘Typhonian Tradition’[2]. In 1997 he channelled a small book, Liber Omonoia 311 [3] claiming its author to be Aiwass, the Angel that influenced the works of Crowley. He subsequently wrote an extensive commentary, further developing the Ma'atian ideas associated with occultists Charles Stansfeld Jones (Frater Achad) and American High Priestess Soror Nema (occultist) .

Hinton is a self-styled Thelemic Magician and Reiki healer and has developed a system of energetic mastery called Quantum Power Programming [4].

In recent years he has become a leading UK eco-house builder [5] and green business entrepreneur[6] partnering with House Music legend Danny Rampling, and is the creator of the term Carbon Reductive™ meaning net CO2 emissions below zero[7]. In October 2009 he launched Shoreline[8], a landmark development of 10 eco townhouses, in St Leonards-on-Sea, Hastings, East Sussex, built through his company Phoenix Trinity Design & Build Ltd.

He lives in West London with TV actress Charlotte Avery and their children .

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