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His Eminence, the Most Reverend Archbishop Simon (Vinogradov) of Beijing was the nineteenth head of the Russian Mission in China, from 1931 to 1933. He was part of the mission from his arrival in 1902 until his repose in February 1933.


Sergei Andreevich Vinogradov was born in 1876 in Vladimir on Klyazma. His father was a priest, Andrei Vinogradov. His parents died while he was very young; his mother when he was four and his father when he was six. The youngest of four children, Sergei was raised by his grandmother. His education began in the local church school and continued in the theological seminary.

After he completed his studies at the seminary he enrolled in the Kazan Theological Academy in 1898. During his first year at the Kazan Academy, on May 7, 1899, he was tonsured a monk with the name Simon by then Bishop and Rector Anthony Khrapovitsky. A short time later Simon was ordained a deacon and subsequently a priest. In 1902, Hieromonk Simon graduated from the Kazan Academy with a degree in Theology.

On May 16, 1902, Fr. Simon arrived in Beijing, China and became a part the Russian Orthodox Mission in China (also called Russian Ecclesiastical Mission), shortly after the suppression of the Boxer (Yihetuan Movement) revolt. At the time, Bishop Innocent, the Mission head, was returning to Beijing from St. Petersburg where he had been recalled for consultations after the Boxer revolt. Fr. Simon’s initial efforts after arriving were the restoration of the Mission and its facilities. During his tenure at the Mission, Fr. Simon was noted for his asceticism and his preaching.

On August 15, 1907, Fr. Simon was elevated to archimandrite. After his elevation Fr. Simon was assigned as the caretaker of a monastery in Harbin, Manchuria. Upon returning to Beijing, he was appointed the assistant to the head of the mission, Bishop Innocent. In 1919, Fr. Simon was consecrated Bishop of Shanghai. On September 17, 1922, Bp. Simon was appointed Deputy head of the Beijing Mission and Bishop of Harbin.

On May 12, 1926, Bp. Simon moved to Shanghai where he was active in establishing schools and hospitals, as well as construction Mission related buildings. With the repose of Metr. Innocent on June 26, 1931, Bp. Simon was appointed Head of the Beijing mission as Archbishop.

Abp. Simon served less than two years as the Mission head before he reposed on February 11, 1933. He was buried at the Church of the Holy Martyrs, on the grounds of the Russian Ecclesiastical Mission in Beijing. In 1940, his relics were noted as incorrupt during their transfer.

Preceded by:
Bishop of Shanghai
Succeeded by:
Preceded by:
Bishop of Harbin
Succeeded by:
Preceded by:
Metropolitan Innocent
Archbishop of Beijing
Succeeded by:
Archbishop Victor


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