SikhRoots is the creation from a team of volunteers based in the United Kingdom. This website has been setup to encourage and inspire people to learn more about the Sikh faith, its history, its teachings and to encourage a simple, honest and spiritual life.


Following the success of Sikhi FM in 2002 – a community based radio station – a Sevadar (Sikh volunteer) from Wolverhampton began a website to continue the aim of the radio station which was to spread the message of Gurbani and bring together a youthful congregation. The website became unique in the sense that it uploaded keertan audio, videos, photography and much more without favoring any particular jathas (groups). The website quickly became popular and arguably one of the largest Sikh multimedia websites on the internet. In 2005, the name was changed to EKTA ONE. Ekta, in its simplest context, means Unity and the name was also an abbreviation for “Everyone Keeping Together As One”. The change was to give the name more meaning and save confusion as Sikhi FM radio station was discontinued.

Prominent Artists' recording: (who do not have their own page at Sikhiwiki)

  • Bibi Tej Kaur

Discover Your Roots

In J2007, the EktaOne project came to an end. However, a few months later, SikhRoots was launched with a new team and new sevadars to work on the large base that the website had spent years creating. In a short space of time, we have worked with local sangat in the United Kingdom as well as recruit volunteers worldwide as far as America and Canada to help and contribute to the website. We also work with the other organisations and jathas to help organize large keertan darbaars such as the Sanjha Smagams and Atam Ras Keertan Darbaars, as well as liasing with media organisations such as the BBC and ITV.

Achieving unity is never an easy thing. It takes blood, sweat and tears to build a united nation and our Sikh history is evident of this. We are a nation built by saint soldiers and martyrs – those who fought against tyranny, oppression and injustice even when they were small in numbers. The sevadars at SikhRoots will never be able to match what so many great men and women in the past and present have done and are doing for the Sikh nation, but we try our best with what little we have and the abilities that Vaheguru Jee has given us.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all those who have and do help us with what we are trying to achieve and overcome, and apologise for any mistakes.


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