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This article shows the Sikh population in various countries.


Country Name Sikh Population Percent of Total Article
Flag of Kenya 20,000 1.0% Sikhism in Kenya
File:Flag of Uganda.png 5,000 1.0% Sikhism in Uganda
File:Flag of Tanzania.png 2,000 0.5 % Sikhism in Tanzania
Rest of Africa 5,000 0.1 % Sikhism in Africa


Country Name Sikh Population Percent of Total Article
Flag of Canada 415,000 2.5% Sikhism in Canada
Flag of the United States 500,000 0.2% Sikhism in the USA
Mexico 8,000 0.01 % Sikhism in Mexico
South America 2,000 0.05 % Sikhism in South America


Country Name Sikh Population Percent of Total Article
Flag of India 19,250,000[1] 2% Sikhism in India
Flag of Malaysia 100,000[2] 0.37 % Sikhism in Malaysia
File:Flag of Thailand.png 70,000[3] 0.01 % Sikhism in Thailand
File:Flag of Myanmar.png 70,000 0.14 % Sikhism in Myanmar
Flag of Pakistan 20,000[4]-30,000 0.04 % Sikhism in Pakistan
Flag of Kuwait 20,000 0.64% Sikhism in Kuwait
File:Flag of Philippines.png 20,000 0.02% Sikhism in Philippines
File:Flag of Singapore.png 15,000 0.32´% Sikhism in Singapore


Country Name Sikh Population Percent of Total Article
File:Flag of United Kingdom.png 750,000[5] [6] [7] 1.24% Sikhism in the UK
Flag of Italy 70,000[8] 0.11 % Sikhism in Italy
File:Flag of Germany.png 40,000 0.05% Sikhism in Germany
File:Flag of Netherlands.png 12,000 0.07% Sikhism in Netherlands
Spain 10,000 NA Sikhism in Spain
Belgium 9,000 NA Sikhism in Belgium
France 8,000 NA Sikhism in France
Portugal 8,000 - 9,000 NA Sikhism in Portugal
Norway 5,000 NA Sikhism in Norway
Austria 2,794 NA Sikhism in Austria
Sweden 1,000 - 1,500 NA Sikhism in Sweden
Ireland 1,200 NA Sikhism in Ireland
Greece 1,000 NA Sikhism in Greece
Poland ca. 700 NA Sikhism in Poland
Denmark 700 NA Sikhism in Denmark
Switzerland 500 NA Sikhism in Switzerland
Cyprus 300-500 NA Sikhism in Cyprus
Iceland ca. 50-100 (15-25 families) NA Sikhism in Iceland
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