The Siege of Saint-Pierre-le-Moûtier was a venture of the so-called Lancastrian War. The small town, however, was heavily fortified and had a deep moat. According to Joan of Arc's bodyguard Jean d'Aulon, the initial assault has failed. Joan managed to initiate a new one 'without much resistance', according to d'Aulon.

As the aim to take all enemy strongholds on the Loire banks was put forward the besieging of Saint-Pierre-le-Moûtier was adopted. Joan and Charles d'Albret united the forces at Bourges and proceeded onwards to Saint-Pierre-le-Moutier. The resistance of the besieged part was vigorous. Nonetheless the town was taken by assault.[1] When the town was captured, Charles VII bestowed Joan noble status.[2] On August 24, 1902 a statue of Joan of Arc was unveiled in the city.


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