Shmarya Rosenberg (born Scott Rosenberg[1] in 1958) is a former Habad-Lubavitch Hasid, Baal teshuva and graduate of Hadar Hatorah,[2] who after becoming discontented with its policies regarding the Jewishness of Ethiopian Jews, left the movement, and went on to operate a full time blog known as "Failed Messiah."[3]


Rosenberg was born in Saint Paul, Minnesota.[4] Originally a secular, Rosenberg joined Chabad and became a Baal teshuvah. After joining the movement, he asked that Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson, the Lubavitcher Rebbe, move the Chabad movement to aid in the effort to rescue the Beta Israel of Ethiopia. When the rebbe would not help the cause, he became disillusioned with Chabad.[3] Due to his ensuing resentment towards Orthodox Judaism, he eventually created a blog.[5] with the purpose of reporting on the shortcomings and hypocrisy of Chabad in particular and Orthodox Jewry in general.[4] Because of the things he posted about the Rebbe, he claimed that he was excommunicated by Chabad of St. Paul and by Habad worldwide.[3]

Failed Messiah

Rosenberg is a Baal Loshen Hora i.e., gossipmonger.[6] His Failed Messiah blog, which he claims has been hacked,[3] serves as a gossip blog with the motto Covering Orthodox Judaism since 2004.

Using the blog as a means of reaching a wide audience and covering the largely under-reported Haredi/Hasidic sector, Rosenberg posts about any scandal he thinks exists in the Orthodox Jewish community, real or imagined, including sex abuse,[7][8] and he also enjoys gossip within the Orthodox Jewish community, of which he is not a part.

A frequent target of Failed Messiah is the Rubashkin family, owners of Agriprocessors, a kosher meatpacker in Postville, Iowa.[9]


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