Shlomi Lavie is a Jewish American drummer, born in Tel Aviv, Israel. Lavie is most widely known as the drummer of Marcy Playground. He has also been a part of lesser-known acts such as Nanuchka, Electro Morocco, and the Magical Mystery Tour band, a Beatles tribute/lookalike band.

Marcy Playground

Shlomi Lavie joined Marcy Playground in late 2008, to replace former drummer Gonzalo Martinez De La Cotera. Shlomi was referred to lead singer John Wozniak by bassist Dylan Keefe's wife, who is one of Shlomi's best friends. Wozniak was impressed with Lavie's talent, and Shlomi Lavie was soon after an official member of the band. Lavie joined Marcy Playground for the band's Carnival Cruise show(s) in the Bahamas, their concert in Scottsdale, Arizona, and is on board for the official 2009 tour, promoting two new albums by the band.

Other associated acts

  • Electro Morocco is a four-piece band based out of Brooklyn, New York, that can best be summed up as a mixture of energetic electro beats, with a Middle Eastern flavor, a pop edge, and some retro rock. [1]
  • Nanuchka is a New York City based group composed of bassist Yula Be’eri (formerly of The World/Inferno Friendship Society), guitarist Roy Gurel, and drummer Shlomi Lavie.


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