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District North
Government Local council
Hebrew שְׁלוֹמִי
Also spelled Shelomi (officially)
Population 5,100 (2003)
Area 5868 dunams (5.868 km2; 2.266 sq mi)
Head of municipality Gabi Naaman
Coordinates 33°4′28.25″N 35°8′41.48″E / 33.0745139°N 35.1448556°E / 33.0745139; 35.1448556Coordinates: 33°4′28.25″N 35°8′41.48″E / 33.0745139°N 35.1448556°E / 33.0745139; 35.1448556

Shlomi (Hebrew: שְׁלוֹמִי‎) is a town in the Northern District of Israel. As of 2003, Shlomi had 5,100 inhabitants.

It was founded as a development town in 1950 by immigrants from Morocco. It was named after a leader from the tribe of Asher, mentionned in the Bible (Num 34:27).

Shlomi is supported in the main by the UJIA (United Jewish Israel Appeal), and by the British Jewish youth group,AJ6.

It has been the target of Hezbollah attacks, where they launched Katyusha rocket attacks on 11 May 2005, Israel's Independence Day, and repeated the attack on Israel's Independence Day in 2006.

It was again the target of rocket attacks on 12 July 2006, a diversion to facilitate the killing of three soldiers and kidnapping two others, which sparked the 2006 Lebanon War.

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