Shemaiah was a prophet in the reign of Rehoboam (I Kings 12:22-24). He is venerated as a saint in the liturgical calendar of the Eastern Orthodox Church on January 8.

He is best known for two events:

  • Preventing Rehoboam from war with Jeroboam -- 1 Kings 12:22-24; 2 Chronicles 11:2-4;
  • Prophesying the punishment of Rehoboam by Shishak, king of Egypt -- 2 Chronicles 12:5,7

King Rehoboam had assembled 104,000 troops to forcefully bring back the ten rebellious tribes. Shemaiah was known as a "man of God", and prophesies in verse 24 that this thing is from the Lord, and they are not to go up against the Northern Tribes, so "Everyone returned to his own house".

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