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Sheikh Brahm, generally known as Sheikh Farid, Sheikh Brahm who was the eleventh in succession to Baba Farid Ganjshakar. a mausoleum of a Sufi saint that lies just on the India-Pakistan border in Punjab to pay obeisance. The mausoleum of Pir Baba Sheikh Brahm lies near Mianwali Uttar village in the Khemkaran sector on the Indian side of Punjab.

According to villagers, the Pir Baba was a disciple of Guru Nanak. Legend has it that Guru Nanak visited Sheikh Brahm before heading for Mecca.

The Sheikh asked the Guru to explain,"You say ,'There is only one God, why should there be a second?', and I (Sheikh) say:

There is one Lord and two ways; Which shall I adopt, and which reject?"

The Guru replied:

"There is one Lord and one way; Adopt one and reject the other." Thou art the tablet, O Lord, Thou art the pen, and Thou art the writing, Speak of the one God; O Nanak, why should there be second." (Var Malar ki Mohalla 1, 28-2, p-1291

Guru Nanak Dev Ji And Sheikh Brahm One day, when Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji was going from village to village, He went to a village called Paak Patan. The holy man of that village was Sheik Brahm. He asked Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji a question:

"Oh Nanak, these Hindus: they deny the God of Islam. They deny Allah, but these Muslims accuse the Hindus of worshipping too many gods. You Nanak, you say that there is only one God? There is only one way? How can you say this? This can't be!"

Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji clearly and easily said that these ignorant people impose darkness upon themselves. These people who see divisions among each other, they know nothing. They know nothing of who or what God is. These same divisions are all around us. In school, at work. I go to high school, and I see that people discriminate each other. They say, "That guy's a 'muzi', that guy's a 'pun', that guy's a 'hindu', that guy's an 'apna/giani'. They look at this, and they say those words, but do we ever say that there's one God? Do we ever focus on that one point? Do we even remember that point? That the person next to you is the same as you, that you belong to the same God, the same Father? These divisions mean nothing. Guru Nanak Dev Ji says,

hi(n)dhoo thurak dhuhaa(n) naebaeraa ||1|| rehaao ||
He adminstrates both Hindus and Muslims.

A father never loves his children unequally. He always loves them equally. The same goes for our Father. He loves us equally. Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji always said that these names don't ever matter.


There is a controversy that the couplets of Sheikh farid in Guru Granth Sahib was actually related to Sheikh Brahm not with Sheikh farid Shakarganj, who was called sheikh farid as guru nanak met him during his travels.

Bani of Guru Granth Sahib Ji is of Bhagat Farid Sani who is commonly known as Sheikh Brahm of Patan. Many janamsakhis mention Bhagat Ji meeting Guru Nanak Sahib. The fact that Bhagat Ji's bani is written in Gurmukhi according to Gurbani viyakaran and use of words like "Gur", "Prabh" and "Saadh" prove that Bhagat Ji had met Guru Sahib, learnt Gurmukhi and was heavily influenced by Gurmat. Had it been Bani of Fareed who lived 3 centuries before Guru Sahib's parkash then it (his bani) wouldn't have been in Gurmukhi rather in Arabic and/or Persian. Some say that his bani was translated to Gurmukhi by Guru Sahib but this doesn't make any sense because Bani in Guru Granth Sahib is 'Dhur Ki Bani' and is revealed by Waheguru. Translated message is never the original message and hence the Bani wouldn't be 'Dhur Ki Bani'. Besides, there was no 3 centuries old pothi of Fareed Shakkarganj in Guru Arjan Dev Ji's possession. Muslims always rever Mohammad and advocate Quranic teachings. Bani of Bhagat Fareed Ji rejects Islamic practices. Studying Bani of Bhagat Ji clears all the doubts. People can read Bhagat Bani Itihaas for more details.

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