Shazer is a place on the Arabian peninsula referenced in the Book of Mormon as one of the stops on the Old World segment of Lehi's journey (1 Nephi 16:13).[1] (See Archaeology and the Book of Mormon.)

It was at this location that Lehi's group stopped to hunt "in the wilderness" (1 Nephi 16:14). According to the narrative, this location was named by Lehi. The practice of naming locations after family members is a known Semitic practice.[2]

Several LDS researchers believe that they have determined a plausible location for Shazer.[3] One of these locations is the oasis of al-Muwaylih near the shore of the Red Sea. [4]


Lehi Trail

LDS scholar Hugh Nibley compared the name Shazer to other known names and their meanings. Nibley states that the term shajer is common in Palestinian place-names and that it means "trees." Variants of the term are presented as Sajur, Shaghur, and Segor, all said to represent a collection of trees. Nibley also mentions "a famous water hole in South Arabia, called Shisur by [Bertram] Thomas and Shisar by Philby."[5] A ruined city called "Shisur" and a permanent spring exist 90 miles northwest of Salalah in Oman on the route of the frankincence trail.[6]

Some LDS scholars claim that they found Shazer. The name of this location is today wadi Sharma.[7]


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